Archive of Arab Fashion Week 2022
Dubai, October 10-15, 2022
Couture F/W 2022/23
RTW S/S 2023
Photo: Polina Shalaeva
It's been the fourth year of my life in Dubai.
And... I finally made it to Arab Fashion Week.
To be precise, I got to fashion shows after long time in general.
If you follow my blog or browse through the content, you might have seen a lot of footage from Milan Fashion Weeks.
And when Arab Fashion Council held a press conference in Milan, on the occasion of opening the Milan Fashion Week in 2017, I was there.
During the conference the Council has launched the 4th of edition of the Arab Fashion Week.
And here I am, showing you pictures from the 21st edition of the event which is now considered one of the world's five most important fashion weeks in the world, as featured in Vogue Italy and other important press.

One of the main features of the Arab Fashion Week is holding all shows in one location - Dubai Design District.
However, I strangely miss Milan sprinting between shows when you urgently need to cross half the city.
But, dear Council, don't get me wrong and don't do runways in different parts of Dubai, please.

Speaking of designers, many of the names are new to me as some of them presented their collections in Dubai for the first time this year. Therefore, there were many pleasant discoveries for me, all the shows were interesting and very different in mood, design and style.

There were also names that I was dreamimg to see live.
So here is my view at Arab Fashion Week 2022 edition.
The first day was presented by lebanese designer Jean Louis Sabaji and his latest collaboration with Mattel. The collection was inspired by Barbie which was named the Fashion Icon for 2021 at the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai late last year and... flamingos.
It's all about pink and black, glossy and feathers, and a lot of hearts.

Second day was more intense as all the following week.

It started strong with collection of Amato Couture.

His Birds of Prey inspired by the Maharajas and vintage Indian costumery, featuring a mix of womenswear and menswear, kick the floor with dramatic and memorable show. Half-face glasses, black lips and huge turbans have become the particular attributes of the collection, making it look like a mesmerizing theater play.
Next designer I was really couldn't wait to see - Rian Fernandez - presented haute couture collection Timeless Heritage with stunning details, embroidery, traditional and innovative techniques combined in a delicious and colorful cocktail with a cherry on the top - amazing caramel color dress with a long train, all embroidered with crystals.
Inspired by the Gardens of London and nature the collection of Maison Mada'en is full of fairytale motifs, flowing fabrics and airy elements. Dubbed "Fallen Rose", the collection featured vibrantly colored tulles and hues of silk mikado that were envisaged to flatter all tones and body types.
Presented by La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, Victor Weinsanto, who worked with Y/Project and Jean-Paul Gaultier, uses in his collection "Common love" asymmetrical lacing, studs, nets, and chains. This punk mood gives the feeling of freedom and the charm of deliberate chaos.

Talking about third day of Arab Fashion Week I would like to highlight the following designers who impressed me the most.

One of them is the Philippine-based luxurious fashion brand Malichè, which provides women with custom and ready-to-wear couture.
The new collection is all black and white with strong and feminine silhouettes was displayed with the background reading of the poem "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou. And this poem describes perfectly the impression from the Michelle Bernardo's creation.

The final dress was presented by gorgeous Jood Aziz - a Saudi model and actress.
Another couture show I would like to share is the chic collection of Humariff Fashion House and it's designer Tamam Humariff who drove connection between the cultures of the Middle East and Russia.
Each dress seems to be created to make you feel like a princess from a fairy tale or a beautiful elf.
It is impossible not to fall in love with these stunningly feminine and delicate outfits.
Ivan Young is a designer who cannot be ignored. His sophisticated collection is full of bright colors, flowing fabrics and a variety of textures. In such outfits it is easy to imagine yourself both at an exclusive cocktail party and on the red carpet.

The hightlight of the fourth day of Arab Fashion Week I can describe as beautiful, more beautiful and gorgeous. Each collection was exceptional and the evening ended with an amazing show from Michael Cinco.
But let's savor and take a closer look at each of them one by one.

Mena Talal is an Iraqi fashion designer, who established her brand in 2016. Her latest couture show dubbed "Gemstones" and each dress has a name of the stone. Elegant silhouettes and accents on details make the collection unique the same as gemstone which is never repeated.
Nihan Peker brand based on a contemporary and minimal silhouette and a hint of feminine touch.
Starting with the very first outfit consisting of a simple-not-simple white shirt and a gold maxi skirt with a belt embroidered with crystals and till the golden dresses one more spectacular than the other you can't take your eyes from the collection.
The halos-like headbands give a special charm and make the collection look really angelic.
Lisa Ju and her new collection "Farfalla" is like a fresh air which leaves aftertaste of lightness and weightlessness. The details of the dresses seem to be made of petals and butterfly wings.
Light sheer fabrics, hand-beaded embroidery, smoky colors and feminine silhouettes are the hallmarks of the collection.
Erick Bendaña presented his Celestial collection which he showed in Venice and Los Angeles and ended his tour in Dubai with extensions of new pieces.
His couture collection was filled with flowers and feathers, intricate appliqués and vivid motifs, and his Pop Art prints made an indelible impression.
The culmination of the collection was a stunning couture ensemble of a sky bird dress in white and blue shades.
Сollection of Ihab Jiryis stood out for its unusual shapes and style of details, while translucent fabrics and asymmetry emphasized femininity and strength.
Creative Michael Cinco took his inspiration from Egypt and brought a mystical flair to the runway with his couture collection The Impalpable Dream of Egypt which focuses and symbolises strong pharaohs, kings and queens of ancient Egypt.
We saw a lots of gold details, stunning embroidery, geometric shapes and dramatic silhouettes.
The final touch of the show was the interpretation of the dress of Queen Nefertiti - a robe with a three-metre train covered in so many beads it was mesmerising to behold.
As it said, it's better to see once than hear 100 times, so check out at the gallery and enjoy the beauty of this amazing collection.

The last day of Arab Fashion Week wasn't less interesting. And I would like to start with Emergency Room.
The slogan of the show was "We need humanity, more than cleverness… life will be violent, and all will be lost".
Their new collection "Borderline" showcases the brand as environmentally conscious and at the same time focuses on the topic of social injustice and inequality
During the finale, after standing in two lines, each pair of models hugged for a moment in total silence before the designer unrolled a banner across the catwalk leaving attendees pondering an existential question: "who drew the borders of our world?'.
The Giving Movement launched in April 2020 as a sustainable athleisure brand that sends a message on conscious consumerism.
Runway was full of sport chic energy and impressive mix of colors, silver elements and cosmic bodysuit.
One of the impressive new names for me became Slimi Studio.
Look at the pictures of the collection and you will undestand why. Neon vivid colors, puffy coats with laser cut bodysuits and miniskirts, asymmetry and fearless silhouettes.
The last but not least I would like to show you is Death by Dolls is about the empowerment of women, the encouragement to express oneself through fashion, to embrace being different instead of blending in. The chance to not just break the rules, but make them.
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