March 2022
Desert Sun
Photographer | Polina Shalaeva
Model & Style | Amina Choki
Location | Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
How to make different pictures in one location.
To create contrasting style in the frame we can use not only clothes or make up. We can change the light and color settings to get opposite impression from each picture.
Using more or less details and another prospective also helps to change the story line of the photo.
Play with light and shadows.
The whole picture can transform if you look at it from another angle. Change settings of your camera, use the shade and the sunlight, the wind can help you to catch the movement. Momochrome will give a dramatic effect to the image and softer colors will make it more romantic .

Photography it's a game you play to show how you see this world.
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