September 11, 2017
Fashion Ballet
Ballet is a source of inspiration for many photographers, designers, stylists and artists. And it's not the first time when ballet inspired me. When I created my project Ballet on the streets of Florence I was searching for ballerinas who can be my models, and I concentrated only on dance itself. The project was done but not forgotten and the idea was always in the air, waiting for reincarnation.
and it happened while me and Maria were discussing the theme of our collaboration. But this time we wanted to connect ballet and fashion.
Nadya Gilmut created unforgettable style and have found the location. Sveta Baden made the perfect make up.
As a result, we created a cosmic girl thanks to the selected location and the background of glass and stones. The main colors were powder pink and black, as well as metallic blue.
An interesting fact: an outfit was supposed to be all black.
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