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When you step into a creative road it is only a matter of time till other paths will appear and no one knows where they can lead you.
To tell the truth, my attempts in creativity and handmade began much earlier than my photography passion woke up. I don't know if there is a connection between different areas of creativity or, more often, people concentrate on one thing. Personaly i was always interested to try everything at least once.

Since i was a child i always loved making stuff with my own hands. Both my grandmothers knitted. They both taught me how to use needles and crochet.

I started with little things. Many girls had Barbie, I had two. But instead of playing with dolls I tailored clothes for them. After that I tried to make my first real size sweater but it was a failure. It didn't look bad but I couldn't finish it. Probably I didn't have enough patience for that.

Another come back to knitting was in University. And it was the beginning of success. I mean finally I've found the way to start and to finish not even one sweater but three.
And even then I wasn't involved enough in this field. I was just a small hobby which I used couple of times to make gifts to my friends or relatives.
Then photography happend. Well there was no time to do something else. Mostly because photography already was a hobby while my full time job was a manager iin a bank. Yeap, I was one of those who stays behind a desk from 9 am to 6 pm. Honestly I can't complain about the experience but after 8 years I finally understood that this life was not for me at all.
So I started a new page and became a professional photographer. I was making street style and reportage photography in Florence and Milan. Collaborated with bloggers and shops and made my own projects in Saint Petersburg.
I believe in signs. I'm sure we meet people or find information for a reason. Because once I made photographs for a girl who did amazing jewelries with beads and gem stones. This for me was a small sign to check out beaded handcrafts. Maybe there were much more signs before but I think that was a particular moment the countdown started.
I don't even remember when the first time this thought came into my mind: I should try to do it.
And I started seraching for ideas and tutorials. And that's when I first saw how to create a bead harness with crochet. Like in any new hobby, it's better to start with existing schemes and rules. Examine the base. But after just a little I got bored with those examples. Because a lot of stuff I've seen were almost the same.
Of course, there were exceptions and very impressive work. By pure chance, I stumbled upon beads made of natural stones and decided that it would be interesting to combine glass and stone beads.

So these three I can count as the first ones.
I developed my idea and started searching for different types of stone beads. I was studying the meaning of stones. I decided to give a name to each design I made. Then I started creating patterns according to my taste and aesthetics.

My photography skills are really helpful. Because one of the main problem of any craftsman is to find a photographer that makes good pictures of the product. You need to explain the idea and what you want to show on photo. I don't have this problem.
My idea is very simple. I create jewelries I would wear. And I actually do.
I prefer simplicity and casual. But I also like ethnic and boho style. To mix it I chose laconic and sleek design and add gemstones and my own patterns.

I like all natural materials, so the choice of gem stones became obvious to me. I am attracted to their magical properties and legends that surround them. But I don't want to put too much emphasis.

My jewelry will wear a girl who wants to be modern, but stay in touch with nature. Someone who lives in the city, but loves walks in the countryside. A girl that is not aware of only horoscopes or signs, but allows herself to dream and believes in the power of her desires.

My experience as a reportage and fashion photographer makes me look for inspiration in trends, adapting them to create patterns. And the gem stones, their energy and diversity help to come up with color combinations.
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