February 2, 2017
Strawberry fields forever and ever

Photographer: Polina Shalaeva
There is a direction in fashion, whose main purpose is not fashion itself but a storytelling with the help of clothes and accessories. Designers who work in this field, create a form of conceptual art, presented as a fashion collection on the runway.
One of those designers shown his exceptional collection during Milan Fashion Week in January this year with the support of Giorgio Armani. His name is Moto Guo and he is the founder and the artistic director of his eponymous menswear label, officially launched in 2015.
On the official site motoguo.com, also very conceptual and creative, he calls himself a storyteller, who weaves his works to form a tale. He uses bizarre texture and shapes and ignores classic canons of beauty in fashion. He is skeptic, who takes fashion and himself with a dose of irony and humor.

The name of his new collection FW 2017/18 - "Strawberry Fields Forever and Ever" - sounds very promissing. From the first look on the runway we can see sleepy boy in pajama shorts and a pillow on his back.
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Other looks were more traditional ... if the given word can be applied in this case. Most of all I was delighted with the colored caps that had the rotating propellers. They reminded me the fairy tale about Karlsson.

Pastel filled the designer's palette, with splashes of brick red, bright green and orange. As accessories, in addition to the caps, were used stylish glasses, bouquets of knitted flowers and huge colored ties.
The designer used badges, phrases in Japanese and English, oversize sweaters with huge sleeves, a light blush under the sleepy eyes. The image shows a nerdy but fansy, boy or girl, who just woke up but is ready to go out in pijama.
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Certainly, the fashion show made only a positive impression. I personally think Moto Guo will present a lot of great new ideas and stories in the future. He already won the LVMH prize last year. So let's see how he will surprise us next time.
Creative director of Motoguo and Moto Guo after the runway
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