March 29, 2017
The rose tattoo
No.21 and Alessandro dell'Acqua
Milan Fashion Week | Photo: Polina Shalaeva
Inspiration comes to us in different forms and shapes. Sometimes it can be a melody which we can't forget or a movie we are ready to watch over and over again. Maybe it's our home. It can be also a landscape or sky above us.
Everything we love, what makes us happy, can be a sourse of our inspiration.
To create new autumn/winter 2017-2018 collection Alessandro dell'Acqua took an inspiration from his muse Anna Magnani - an italian actress who won an Oscar as the best role play in american drama of 50's "The Rose Tattoo". First, the playwright Tennessee Williams wrote the play specially for Anna, fascinated by her acting talent. But she refused to play on the Broadway, because she did not consider her English knowledge sufficient. Later, when the script of the film based on the play of Tennessee was written Magnani finally agreed to take part in it.

Alessandro Del Aqua combined Italian and American styles to tell the story of Anna Magnani's arrival to Florida for shooting in the "The Rose Tattoo". Frankly feminine silhouettes and flying dresses, open sandals, and, of course, colors such as red, sky blue and caramel, mixed with noble gray, green and brown.
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And, of course, a pattern with a small red rose.
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A little bit of fur.
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And this beautiful and uniqe print has been used in the invitations.
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One of the main accessories became a wide belt, which was combined with both light chiffon dresses and oversized sweaters. Notable details were also collars and cuffs with stripes in a sportive style and croup-tops above the chest line, put with dresses.
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And a few photos from the backstage where the magic is created out of chaos.
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