December 18, 2016
Photography doesn't have an expiry date
If a photo was originally good, it can't get worse over the years. Although the paper on which it was printed can be damaged, and the data storage device can be broken, the picture itself can never go bad.
Good photographs have one main feature: you can look at them over and over again, you will never be bored.
What is it: a good photograph? Is it a stunning portrait? Or lanscape, or maybe a reportage of some important event?
I think it can be any picture which gives you emotions. It can be a family photo or a portrait of an unknown person, a landscape of a place you've never been to before or an image of your old house, a reportage of an event or a still life.
Good photographs have one main feature: you can look at them over and over again, and you will never be bored. They can't become less interesting, or less beautiful. The captured moment can't become less important.
The beauty of a good photograph can be something elusive, a small detail which attracts your attention. A color, a composition, a contrast or a story behind it these are all important but only if the photograph gives you one feeling - the feeling of involvement.
Everyone has a subjective view on photographs. Some might look at the technical realization - white balance, composition and sharpness, while others might choose emotional portraits or prefer only reportage photography.

No matter what type of photography it is; colored or black and white, portrait or still life, fashion or street style, landscape or wild life, you will always recognize a good photo, because it won't be just a perfect shot. It will catch your eye and it will make you feel the connection with a place or a person. It will tell you a story you will always remember.
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