January 29, 2017
Small journey
We all need a small journey sometimes. No matter where, no matter for how long. The most important thing in a journey is the discovery.
You can find not only completely unknown place, but also something new in places you saw thousand times.
It is enough to change the route you used to take and you will suddenly see details you didn't notice before and you can open a new chapter in the book, which, as you thought, you had already read all.
Journey may also become some kind of meditation to look at your life from a different angle, and perhaps it can help to find a solution to some long-standing problems that you can't handle being in the same conditions every day.

Journey is always a transformation which help us to step out of our comfort zone. We often invent excuses to stay without any changes, even small ones. We blame others or circumstances when we live in a place we don't want to live, when we do a job we never wanted to do, and when we date with those who are not good for us. But it's our choice. No one can decide for us what we should do with our life. To be satisfied with what we have, to seek new opportunities and take risks or to feel unhappy, but do nothing to change this. It's up to us.

That is why, when you have a chance to travel, learn new things, even for one day, do it! Choose other routes and change habits. Nobody says it will be easy. Perhaps at the beginning it can be even frightening, but when you get used to go beyond the walls you've built, you will never stop.

If you don't know how to start the changes, if you are not sure what exactly you want to achieve, what you are missing, or you want to make sure that you have everything you want - these are the best reasons for a small journey.
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Location: Lake Como, Italy
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